Setting a SiC standard round robin




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Take part in a SiC Round Robin
To enable analysts to have confidence that their analytical equipment is working to specification, there is a need to set standards for known grades of Silicon Carbide (SiC) abrasives used by the wire saws when cutting out silicon wafers for use in the manufacture of photovoltaic cells.
Malvern Instruments would like to invite you to take part in a Round Robin study to set an FPIA-3000 circularity specification on a known grade of SiC.
Catch up on the techniques
A recent webinar discussed theory and good practice behind analysing SiC using the FPIA 3000 image analyzer and the reasons why a standerd is required. FPIA 3000: Setting the standard for SiC size & shape measurements for solar PV applications is now freely available for download.
Presented in conjunction with Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials, a major provider of SiC, it looked at how flow particle image analysis can be used as a tool to monitor the particle size and and more importantly the particle shape of the SiC abrasive used with the wire saws to cut out the silicon wafers. The Silicon Carbide particles used for this application need a specific circulaity and have a narrow size distribution to produce the most efficient cutting. Measuring the particle shape  using the FPIA-3000 allows SiC manufacturers to ensure they are supplying the correct grade of SiC for differnt cutting application requirements.

We look forward to working with FPIA-3000 users who are photovoltaics experts, silicon wafer manufacturers and other industry leaders on this project.





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