Solve Your Dispersion Problems! – 여러분의 입도 분석 효율을 최적화 하세요!

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Solve your Dispersion Problems! – 여러분의 입도 분석 효율을 최적화 하세요!
말번 코리아에서는 여러분의 분산 효율을 향상에 도움을 드리고자 새로운 분산장치출시하였습니다.

Hydro Sight : See your Dispersion
Hydro Sight
는 입도 분석 동안 실시간 시각화 및 액체 입도 분산의 평가를 제공하는 혁신적인 장비 입니다.

Hydro SV : Small Volume Wet Sample Dispersion
Hydro SV는
소량의 분산매와 샘플을 이용하여, 입도 분석이 가능하도록 고안된 간단하고, 비용 효과적인 액체 분산 시스템입니다.

새로운 악세서리로 입도 분석 효율 최대화 하러 가기

Hydro Sight – See your Dispersion

Real-time observation of the particles in the laser diffraction measurement flow allows improved understanding of how stirring and sonication or the addition of surfactants and stabilizers affect your dispersion. One-click capture of dispersion images/videos and dispersion metrics provides quick and effective supporting evidence for troubleshooting measurements and validation of methods according to ISO 13320:2009, USP<429> and similar standards.

  • Visualize your particles
  • Observe and understand dispersion trends
  • Automatically detect unusual particles
  • Evaluate particle size and shape
  • Quickly validate methods
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Hydro SV – Small Volume wet Sample Dispersion

The Hydro SV is a small volume wet sample dispersion unit for use with the Mastersizer 3000 range of laser diffraction particle size analyzers. It is particularly useful where the amount of sample available for analysis is very limited, or where there are significant environmental or health and safety issues associated with the use of the dispersant required to measure the sample.

  • 6ml – 7ml sample volume
  • Safe and easy sample introduction
  • High chemical compatibility
  • Software controlled magnetic stirrer for dispersion control
  • Sample and dispersant retained for recovery or disposal
  • Wash station for quick and easy cleaning
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